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Michael S. Schisler Scholarship

1. QUALIFICATIONS. Applicants shall be required to complete an application form and submit the following (Official Transcript, Letter(s) of Reference, Topical Essay, etc.) as evidence of their qualifications. Recipients of the award must be
a. Enrolled at a NCCAA affiliated institution
b. First generation to attend college *

c. Participation in extra-curricular activities *
c. Servant Hearted
d. Hardworking and driven
e. Demonstrates financial need

*priority given, but not required

2. AWARD BASIS. Awards shall be based on demonstrated need, scholastic achievement and a demonstrated commitment to higher education. Awards will be given for tuition and fees, books or supplies or equipment required for an approved program at an accredited institution of higher education. Applicants must be accepted by the institution and awards will be made directly to the educational institution for deposit into the students account.

3. AWARD TERM. The scholarship will be given for one year in $10,000 maximum increments and is renewable by annual application and approval by the scholarship committee. 

4. APPLICATION WINDOW. Applications will be available between December 15 and January 31. All applications must be submitted to the committee by January 31. Window is subject to close early based on application quota.

5. APPLICANT CRITERION. The criterion by which all applicants will be evaluated will be objective and nondiscriminatory. The group of grantees meeting the criteria, and enrolled in an Approved Program, as described above, is sufficiently broad to fulfill religious, educational, and charitable purposes. Following applicant criterion:
Must complete application
b. Merit (GPA of 2.5 or greater)
c. Must demonstrate financial need

6. REQUIREMENTS FOR GRANT CONTINUATION. The staff will follow up with the institution post grant to confirm the students enrollment and attendance at the institution. Students who withdraw from classes will in some cases be required to return funds.
a. Maintain a 2.5 GPA. Students who drop below 2.5 will be
placed on probation until the grades return to required minimum. Students dropping below 2.0 will forfeit all future scholarship funds.
b. May apply annually; acceptance depends on committee approval

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