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Mike's Story

Mike Schisler was born in 1951 to Beverly Jean Schisler. He was raised in Belleville, IL before moving to Atlanta, GA which he called home. Hard times hit Mike’s family during childhood, and Mike was placed in a children's home. While this time was traumatic for Mike, it became the fire that led him to overcome life’s challenges. Mike’s baseball talent awarded him a scholarship to Georgia Tech where he made history. He became the first in his family to graduate college, and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his baseball career accolades. 


Mike married Teresa Duncan in 1973 who selflessly supported and loved him for 47 years. Throughout their life, Mike and Teresa faithfully gave both their finances and time. Mike was committed to giving back as he honored the Lord and what He had done for him. Mike served on the boards of Southwest Christian Hospice and NCCAA, as well as serving as an elder at Southwest Christian Church. Mike was also a founding member and elder at Heritage Christian Church, where he continued to serve as head of Missions. Together, Mike and Teresa had a heart for missions, for sharing God’s love with the lost and reaching people that others could not. Mike had a competitive side and this drove him to be the best he could be. He had a gift to see others’ potential and to help develop their God-given talents, and he did this in every area of his life.  


In 1984, God gave Mike the opportunity to serve as a business consultant at the Chick-fil-A Support Center. Throughout his 34 year career, Mike cared for restaurant Operators personally by becoming family to those he served. Mike was described as “the ultimate Operators consultant” because of his tireless advocacy for them to accomplish their family and career-oriented goals. His candor and wise counsel were instrumental in the careers of many Operators who say they were better having known him.  


Mike’s life and legacy will live on in this scholarship fund as others get the opportunity, support, and encouragement they need to accomplish their life goals.

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